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Have you been told your jaw needs more strength? Do you know that a bone graft can help your jaw? A bone graft procedure is often required to help your jaw become stronger over time. In fact, this procedure is prevalent and often associated when there isn’t enough strength in your jaw to hold a dental implant.

Our dentist, Dr. Joe Gerard, is happy to give you a consultation to see if a bone graft is right for you. Furthermore, our team is excited to share some necessary information on bone grafting, so you can know if this procedure is right for you.

Here is some necessary information on the basics of bone grafting:
– Bone grafting treatments are often used in situations where a dental implant needs to be placed.
– In several instances, a bone graft can be removed from one area of your body and grafted onto your jawbone for added support.
– In situations where you have a weak jawbone, a bone grafting treatment can help strengthen it.
– Periodontal dentistry has several treatments that can benefit from a bone graft.
– Typically, a bone grafting treatment takes several months to heal before a dental implant can be placed.
– Apart from using bone grafts from other areas of your body, it may be possible to use artificial bone grafts and apply them to your jawbone.

If you still have questions about bone grafting in Phoenix, Arizona, or if you are wondering whether you need a bone graft, please call us today at 602-910-3860 to make an appointment. Our team at Arizona Dental is happy to address your questions and concerns.