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Do you get recurrent, painful headaches? Do you wake up with a tired and sore jaw often? Would you be surprised to hear that these medical issues may actually be caused by different dental issues? Fortunately, our dentist can actually help you deal with these serious issues?

A common cause of recurrent headaches is actually teeth grinding, commonly known as bruxism. Individuals who are coping with bruxism may not even know that they’re grinding their teeth. This tends to be a problem because teeth grinding can actually make you lose a tooth if it isn’t addressed.

TMJ disorder is another common reason for sore jaws and regular headaches. If you suffer from this disorder, moving your jaw could be very painful. Similarly, you may not be able to open or close your jaw completely. Sadly, this is because TMJ disorder can affect the joint that controls your jaw’s movements.

Anxiety may also be the cause of your sore jaw or your headaches. Habitually, some people clench their teeth if they’re anxious or nervous. This is also bad for your oral health because it can lead to cracked and chipped teeth. Moreover, clenching your pearly whites will put pressure on your jaw.

Fortunately, if you are dealing with any of these issues, or would like to learn how to deal with a damaged TMJ in Phoenix, Arizona, please feel free to give Arizona Dental a call at 602-910-3860. Our dentist, Dr. Joe Gerard, and our team will address any concerns you may have. We’re eager to receive your call soon!