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You have probably noticed the issues that your missing teeth can create–eating and speaking difficulties, for example, or embarrassment when you smile. What you may not know is that over time. your bite may gradually shift out of alignment, your face will start to look sunken, and your jaw strength may decrease. Fortunately, there is a solution to all these problems: dental implants.

Dental implants often serve as the best teeth replacements because they function exactly like healthy natural teeth. They are composed of dental crowns and titanium posts which are carefully implanted into your jawbone.

The genius of the implant is that over time this titanium post combines with the surrounding tissue of the jawbone, narrowing the space around it and intensifying its bond so that the implant can last a lifetime. This process is called osseointegration, which translates to mean “combines with the bone.”

Another advantage to consider is that dental implants can be modified to fit the exact needs of your mouth, creating the perfect smile.

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