Do you avoid visiting the dentist because of a fear of injections? When you visit Arizona Dental, our dentist can provide you with DentalVibe for a pain-free injection and a more pleasant dental experience.

Postponing visits to the dentist can harm your smile in the long run by allowing problems to worsen. With DentalVibe, you can enjoy your visit to our office without fear of injections. DentalVibe works by applying a light vibration to the soft tissue surrounding the injection site while the anesthetic is injected. Because the vibrations and injections are performed simultaneously, the vibrations can block the nerves in the tissue and prevent the brain from registering any discomfort. The vibrations also help to disperse the anesthesia and quicken the process.

If you have fears of visiting the dentist, please call 602-910-3860 to speak with our team. We would be happy to cater to your concerns and help you feel at ease in our dental office. Our goal is to provide you with a comfortable, positive experience so that we can help you achieve a strong, healthy smile.

For more information about using DentalVibe in Phoenix and Sun City, Arizona, you are welcome to contact our office or speak with Dr. Joe Gerard at your next visit.