Oral cancer is easily treatable when detected early, but like all forms of cancer can threaten your life if left undetected or untreated. At Arizona Dental, our dentist uses VELscope® oral cancer detection technology to diagnose oral cancer in the earliest stages. We invite you to call us at 602-910-3860 to learn more about VELscope oral cancer detection and to schedule your appointment with Dr. Joe Gerard.

It is estimated that approximately 640,000 people worldwide are diagnosed with oral cancer annually. Earlier discovery of oral cancer means better treatment options and patient outcomes. Unfortunately, oral cancer is often detected in the later stages, when it is much more difficult to treat, requiring more invasive, and often disfiguring, treatments. Oral cancer detected in the later stages also have a much higher mortality rate. Fortunately, solutions have been developed to detect oral cancer in the early stages.

With the VELscope® early cancer detection system, our dentist can detect oral cancer in the earliest stages, enabling you to receive treatments much more likely to help you regain your oral and overall health. VELscope technology checks your mouth for any abnormalities, noticing even the smallest differences to provide a quick, efficient diagnosis. This advanced technology improves the five-year survival rate for oral cancer patients to 83%, as opposed to the 50% survival rate for late-stage discoveries.