At Arizona Dental, we have our own on-site denture lab to provide you with more efficient, high-quality service. With our on-site denture lab, we can ensure that your dentures and appliances meet the highest standards in dentistry. We invite you to contact us at 602-910-3860 for more details on our on-site denture lab in Phoenix and Sun City, Arizona, and to schedule your appointment with our talented dentist, Dr. Joe Gerard.

Our on-site denture lab offers same-day denture repairs, relines, and fabrications. Whether you are receiving dentures for the first time or receiving repairs and relines to maintain your dentures and your smile, our office is here to help you!

Having an on-site denture lab means that we can offer faster, more efficient service, fewer visit to our office, and a quick response to any necessary adjustments or repairs. Having a denture technician on-site is a great advantage. If you break a tooth off your denture, or if your appliance suddenly breaks, you can call and come into our office so we can fix the problem. We can even help if you need to regain your smile in an hour! Another advantage of having an on-site dental technician is greatly improved communication and attention to detail, both of which are essential for providing you with a successful treatment.

For more information on our on-site denture lab, and to schedule your consultation with our dentist, please contact our office today.