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If you’re wondering how to clean your partial dentures so you can maintain a top-notch appliance for many years, then our dentist, Dr. Joe Gerard, is more than happy to help you. It’s important to clean and care for your dentures regularly so they can replace your missing teeth the way you want them to for a long period of time. To keep your appliance in tip-top shape, he encourages you to do the following things:

-Rinse your partial after eating. All you need to do is run it under lukewarm water. This can help wash food particles and bacteria away. As you clean your appliance, put a towel in the sink to cushion the blow if you accidentally drop your denture.

-Brush your partial daily. To do so, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a cleaning solution that does not have abrasives, like denture cleaner or soap. Brushing can help you clean your appliance and keep it in tip-top shape.

-Soak your partial overnight. Just put it in a cup of water or mild denture-cleaning solution while you sleep. This can help it keep its shape and remain clean.

To learn more about how to clean and care for your partial dentures in Phoenix, Arizona, please contact Arizona Dental at 602-910-3860 when you have the chance. Our dental team is more than happy to help you, even if it’s just by answering your questions. We look forward to your phone call!