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Are you in need of a dental filling? Dental fillings are highly effective tooth restoration treatments designed to remove decay from a tooth and fill out any cavities that may exist. A dental filling such as a white composite filling may be your best option for treating any damage that has occurred.

Although cavity prevention is extremely important to prevent the need for dental fillings, if a cavity should sneak through, fortunately, we have treatments to help you. White composite fillings are different from amalgams because they do not use mercury. White composite fillings can mimic the natural look of your smile.

Tooth-colored composites can even be used on cavities that are too small for dental amalgams to be placed effectively. If a tooth-colored composite should fail, it can be replaced without removing the original. Furthermore, they are known to be effective sealants of your tooth margins and will not leak. They also will not leave a shiny metallic exterior as dental amalgams do.

If you would like to schedule a treatment for white composite fillings at Arizona Dental or would like a comprehensive oral exam from Dr. Joe Gerard and our team at our dentist office in Phoenix, Arizona, please give us a call at 602-910-3860. Come align your oral health care goals and your dreams with us!