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Did you know, teeth-whitening treatments are safest and most effective when done in a dental office? Yes, it’s true! Professional teeth-whitening treatments are safe and effective for providing you with a whiter smile.

Our dentist, Dr. Joe Gerard with Arizona Dental in Phoenix, Arizona, offers teeth-whitening treatments and is happy to help you whiten y our smile. To help you understand your options and the benefits of teeth-whitening treatments, we have provided you with this list of information to help you:

-Whitening systems at your dentist office are known as in-office whitening treatments. They are often considered the most effective because they are the safest and most reliable. They can be contoured to your exact dental impression for maximum care. A single in-office whitening session can whiten your teeth better than months of low-quality products.
-Low-quality products bought in stores can bleach gums and eat through your tooth enamel.
-Your teeth will age over time so that a teeth whitener can improve the visual appearance of your teeth.
-Did you know that chewing gum, toothpaste, mouthwash, whitening strips and even dental floss can contain whitening ingredients to improve the look of your smile? It’s true!

If you have questions about how to whiten your smile or wonder which treatment is best for you, please call us today at 602-910-3860 to make an appointment. Our dental team is happy to schedule a time for a teeth-whitening treatment or provide you with an oral health care checkup.