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Most people do not like to think about oral cancer, or cancer in general because it can be frightening to think about. Still, it is vital to check for these conditions regularly, as early detection and treatment can make your odds of beating the disease much more successful. At Arizona Dental in Phoenix, Arizona, are pleased to offer oral cancer screenings for our patients. 

How does oral cancer manifest? This disease can show up anywhere in your mouth. It can manifest on the lips, cheeks, gums, tongue, floor or roof of the mouth and as well as in the throat. Don’t be put off by the variety of locations oral cancer can show up in because you can be on the look out for the symptoms. The symptoms to look out for include red or white patches, tenderness or pain, chronic sores or irritation, an unusual lump that wasn’t there before, problems swallowing and chewing, difficulty speaking, and possibly a change in your smile alignment.

Oral cancer screening during checkups: Along with your own oral health monitoring, your dentist, Dr. Joe Gerard will check you for signs of oral cancer at your biannual dental checkups. These routine visits will help you have peace of mind when it comes to the disease. And if you find something that makes you uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to contact our office and allow us to check it out and provide timely treatment as soon as possible. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your oral health, or if you would like to schedule a visit with our team, please call 602-910-3860 today for assistance. Our caring and professional staff is happy to provide you with the peace of mind your smile deserves!